Nano Hemp CBD: What Is Nano and Why Nano?

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With CBD oil and hemp on the rise,it’s hard to imagine a day when you don’t see someone talking about it. People and doctors use it internally (under the tongue) or topically. Using hemp CBD falls pretty much in these two categories. That was simpleð???

CBD has a history going back many decades,and it has seen a revival in recent years. ( is one of those great companies that is reviving it.)Heck,Sears was even selling it. You can find old catalogues online. Here’s oneCatalog – Sears Roebuck & Co..

Simpler times indeed.

There have been numerous studies into CBD for medical use and treatment of chronic pain,yet it has not been studied as extensively as many other kinds of treatments. Everybody responds differently to CBD. One of the variables is past exposure to drugs,cannabis,or any hemp related products. Don’t overdo CBD,especially before you get to know what dosage is right for you– and YOUR body alone. You can consult the help of your doctor for a recommendation. You can then see how it fits in with the recommended dosage of the CBD you choose to get.

But when all you want to do is try it? Don’t overthink it: you can Just Try It.

Using nano CBD for insomnia,anxiety,pain relief,PTSD,panic attacks,etc has not been found to have any harmful effects,and there is little evidence to show that it should not be utilized. As we discussed there is research showing that CBD Can have positive effects when used for anxiety insomnia and chronic pain.

Before choosing a CBD oil to try,and the proper dosage,consult with your healthcare professional for advice. If you’re concerned,it’s easy to start small,let’s say 25-50 mg/day,and then gradually increase dosage to see what it does. Make sure to buy the product with the least amount of Delta-9 THC possible. I don’t like to get buzz,do you? You want to function better in your daily life,not function worse and feel sleepy all the time. In fact it could even have a calming effect. I lost many restless nights to a car accident aftermath,and tthis Nature’s Liquid Gold has helped me to sleep like a baby for the first time in years.

Our hemp CBD has a strength of 200 mg per milliliter. Our nano hemp cbd products can carry a big payload to the cellular level.

Our standard the most tastiest line is Dutch Nutrient with potency of 200mg/ml which you can find at

The users ofhemp nano cbdreported no ill effects after using up to 1500mg a day. For some it took 2-3 days to feel the effect of hemp oil extract,for some the effect was immediate. I have personally consumed 1500mg in one day without any side effects,no buzz no fuzz. In fact,that day,I had a very clear focus,and at night I had my first sound sleep in years.

I became a CBD user after almost 3 years of usage of prescription drugs.

All because of chronic pain from a car accident. And to cope with the emotional weight of my wife passing away. We should talk about what it can do for you,not about me.

Let’s dive straight into some informative reading:Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep: A Large Case Series(2019-01-07).

The article dabbles into tests and history of usage and more.

Today…it’s said “the best place to hide a dead body is Page 2 of Google Search Results.” LOL Being a dad of a marketer and going back to the late 90-s I used to search more than one page.

I promise I will dig out more articles about the CBD research,receptors,T1 cells,so you can see for yourself and make an educated decision. It is about immune system and here is perhaps a simpler explanationT Cells – Production of T Cells – Types of T Cells

If you’re serious about diving deep into CBD,go ahead and get straight into it atCBD oil. Cheers!

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