Car Accident: Can I Sue?

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Traffic accidents happen quite frequently. Drivers can never be complacent when they are on the roads as things can change in an instant. Risk can be mitigated by following the rules,taking a defensive stance,and avoiding dangerous behaviors. Just remember that not everything is under your control. You can’t do anything about the weather,the road conditions,and the other drivers’ behaviors. In case you find yourself involved in crash,you may be able to recover damages. This does not apply in every situation so you might want to talk to a hurt in a car crash and for their advice.

Gravity of Injuries

The vast majority of collisions will only result in minor property damage. The car can sustain dents and scratches,but nothing more. There are also cases wherein the whole front of the car gets wrecked but the occupants miraculously get away unscathed. There is no need to sue since the insurance companies can take care of the repairs. The situation can be resolved amicably,although it could take a while before the vehicles are back in roadworthy shape. There are also states that have strict definitions of what a serious injury is. New York is a good example. Their courts will not accept suits if the injuries sustained do not fall under the predefined categories.

Determining Fault

So after a car accident: can I sue? Well,the party that caused the accident will be liable for the damages,which can be proven with the help of a accident lawyer . However,determining fault is trickier than it seems. There are many cases wherein both parties contributed to the crash although the scales can tip in favor of one or the other. The state laws on fault will be vital in predicting the outcome. Some require the plaintiff to come with absolutely clean hands. If he is even a little bit at fault,then he might not get any compensation. Other states look at the contributions of each party and awards compensation to the least guilty.

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